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Functional antibody drugs for the most difficult targets


Antibodies that not only bind but modulate tough membrane targets

Finding antibodies that simply bind  membrane protein targets, like GPCRs and ion channels, is a difficult task.

We go beyond just binding and directly find rare functional antibodies that modulate, including activators.


These functional antibodies affect cellular function in ways previously unachievable with antibody drugs, giving us access to a number of diseases with no treatment.




Biological + Computation

Discovery Platform

Biological hit enrichment

We genetically engineer yeast cells that generate a signal when they carry an antibody that activates or inhibits a drug target of interest.


We also build in feedbacks- both cellular and procedural- to enable stronger hits to enrich faster. Nature's original search algorithm: natural selection.

We directly test up to a billion antibodies for function in a single experiment, orders of magnitude higher throughput than any other method.


Computational hit selection

We use next-generation sequencing to follow the changes in signal for tens of millions of antibody variants.


We then computationally select functional antibodies that produce the strongest selection signals.


Finally, we test hits for activity using industry-standard human cell assays.

It gets better

With every experiment, we link data on thousands of antibody sequences to cellular functions.This helps us to attack the next drug target better and faster.


Using our platform, we are developing antibody drugs for inflammatory diseases, rare cancer, and rare kidney disease.