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therapeutic biology.

Hundreds of disease targets remain undrugged, leaving millions of patients untreated. Antibodies have the potential to drug these targets, but current discovery approaches are largely limited to finding antibodies that block target activity.  We harness nature’s own machinery to unveil potent, functional antibodies that go beyond blocking and modulate target activity to treat disease at an unprecedented pace.

We redefine the boundaries of druggable targets by focusing on function over form

Abalone's Functional Antibody Selection Technology (FAST) focuses on measuring antibody function. We harness synthetic biology to conduct hundreds of millions of activity measurements in parallel. Our proprietary functional datasets are used to train AI to unveil otherwise inaccessible functional molecules, continuously improving with every run.
FAST has been externally validated with multiple pharma discovery and development partnerships tackling highly elusive targets. Our internal pipeline spans obesity, cancer, and inflammatory disease programs uniquely unlocked by functional antibodies.

Join us in  creating transformative therapies for untreated diseases.

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