Harnessing Nature's
search function:

Survival of the fittest

Combining synthetic biology and computation to find   active antibodies for GPCRs

Live to function, function to live

Massively parallel search by burning the haystack

The foundation of Abalone Bio’s Functional Antibody Selection Technology (FAST) platform is a highly engineered yeast cell chassis.

Using the latest tools in synthetic biology, we incorporate human targets into our FAST platform cells. We then genetically encode a different antibody variant in every cell. Cells make and test the antibody they carry. Cells with a Bioactive Antibody grow, while others don't.

Advantages include:

  • Using biology means massively parallel, high-throughput search. Test billions of antibodies per experiment, 1000X more than other methods.
  • Yeast cells are a "clean breadboard", unlike mammalian cells with hundreds of GPCRs present
  • We directly search for function experimentally

Proprietary data-powered selection digs deeper

We monitor the function of thousands of antibodies at once

Using next-generation sequencing, we measure millions of examples of how antibody sequences relate to their ability to control GPCR function. These proprietary sequence-function datasets power insight into antibody-GPCR structure-function relationships for better hit selection.

Every selection improves the next

With insights from each experiment transferrable to the next, our platform grows more powerful with every selection campaign, a positive feedback loop that grows our competitive advantage over time.